LotusSeptember is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Although this topic is critical year-round, this month is set aside to spread information and hope for people affected by suicidal thoughts or the fear of losing loved ones.

Too Many Lives Are Lost

Sobering facts about suicide:

It claims the lives of 47,500 Americans each year.

Among children and young adults between 10 to 34, suicide ranks as the second most prevalent cause of death. Among adults ages 35 to 44, it drops slightly to the fourth leading cause of death.

In the United States, there are more than twice as many suicides (47,511) as homicides (19,141).

Raising Awareness Can Save Lives

At Lotus Psychiatry and Wellness, we hope to raise awareness of this stigmatized topic. With a shift in public perception, more people will seek the help they need to overcome feelings of isolation, depression and hopelessness. Our staff aims to do everything possible to provide individuals and their support systems with the resources needed to overcome the underlying causes of suicide.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, National Suicide Awareness Month is a critical time to advocate for a national crisis response system and better mental health care coverage. With resources to connect individuals to the services they need, more people would receive the mental health treatment required to rediscover hope and joy.

With one person dying every 16 minutes in the United States alone, the list of those left behind grows. Suicide affects family and loved ones as well as the person lost. So, use Suicide Awareness Month as a catalyst to lead someone you love to an effective treatment program, such as Lotus Psychiatry and Wellness.

Identifying the Path to Wellness

Many people who commit or attempt suicide show signs of depression. Talking to the person involved may avoid suicidal actions. By opening up a channel of communication (or asking for help), you can encourage someone to admit they’re going through a crisis. A caring friend or relative lending an ear or shoulder to cry on can also help someone choose life over death.

Programs Available at Lotus Psychiatry and Wellness

Whether you’re looking for yourself or someone you love, it’s important to find a program that focuses on identifying the underlying causes of suicidal thoughts. The weight of living in crisis can become a heavy burden to bear. However, with the strength and support of qualified professionals, it doesn’t have to become overwhelming.

Lotus Psychiatry and Wellness offers treatment programs to assist you in overcoming depression and other mental health disorders that may lead to suicide.

Our programs include the following:


Depression therapy

Medication management

Anxiety therapy

Postpartum depression treatment

Cognitive behavioral therapy


Through a series of talk therapy, medication and other approaches, you can learn effective coping tools and how to process suicidal thoughts in a healthier way. Contact us today to find out more to one of our experienced staff members or book an appointment to discuss your circumstances.

September is National Suicide Awareness Month but it’s never the wrong time to reach out for the help you need. Not only to live but to live your best life.

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