Postpartum Assessment


Proper Treatment begins with proper diagnoses.

Misdiagnosis can not only lead to months or years of wasted treatments. It can result in a worsening of the original condition and possible development of even more severe symptoms due to inappropriate medications and therapies.

When Should You Get A Second Psychiatric Opinion?

At any point that a person has been taking psychoactive or psychotropic drugs beyond a few months and still not experiencing improvements in your condition, a second psychiatric opinion is definitely called for. Pharmaceuticals do often take time to fully come to effect but if the delay is beyond a few weeks, adjustments should be considered.If you lose confidence in or have doubts about your treatment regime, you should seek a second opinion. If you don’t have trust in the prescriptions that have been given you are less likely to take them properly. This will not only interfere with their effectiveness in some cases it can be very dangerous.Perhaps of greater importance is that for therapy to be effective a great deal of trust and honesty must exist between the attending therapist and the patient. When doubts creep into the picture, it becomes difficult for the attending psychiatrist to be of help and can threaten the entire treatment process. If you are having doubts, always seek a second psychiatric opinion.The medical staff at Lotus Psychiatry and Wellness are always happy to review a case and offer their assessment of a diagnosis and treatment plan. This doesn’t automatically mean they will suggest a new course of action. The one thing you can always find there is the truth.


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