LotusNational Mental Health Awareness Month at Lotus Psychiatry & Wellness

National Mental Health Awareness Month at Lotus Psychiatry & Wellness

Dr. Mustafa Pirzada, a diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, is opening a clinic at 4700 NW 2nd Avenue that promises to bring something a little different in mental health care to the people of Boca Raton. Called Lotus Psychiatry and Wellness it is not what most would envision when they think of a psychiatrist’s office.

Dr. Pirzada believes in a total person approach to good mental health. As he has learned in his 13 plus years as a practicing psychiatrist, you cannot simply focus on the mind and achieve the best possible results. Overall health, diet, self-image and a host of other factors all come into play when discussing how to be mentally healthy.

Dr. Pirzada believes in treating the entire patient not just the issue that may have brought them to his practice. To that end, he is establishing Lotus Psychiatry and Wellness with a staff that includes a wide variety of specialists. Beyond the normal services such as therapy for ADHD, PTSD, Gender-Affirmation Support and family counseling that you would expect to find, Lotus will have a nutritionist, a Botox/filler medspa physician and a life coach on staff. It will also feature medicinal grade CBDs, Juvéderm, Restalyne, and white-labeled vitamins/mineral supplements on site.

Dr. Pirzada formerly held the position of Chief Fellow at the University of Florida and is a licensed Psychiatrist in both the State of Florida and in California.

Welcome to a world of total health. For most of its history Psychiatry has focused on the simple formula of diagnosing a particular problem and then prescribing a suitable treatment plan involving psychoanalysis and drug therapy. At Lotus Psychiatry & Wellness we have moved way past those times. Ours is a more holistic approach to mental wellness that takes into account the person as an individual.

At Lotus Psychiatry & Wellness we don’t treat mental disorders we treat people.

Every person faces different trials and issues in their life and as individuals, they react differently. A minor nuisance for one person can be a traumatic experience for another. Beyond this, every person’s life and lifestyle are different and singularly impact their mental health.

It has been found that minor differences in home and work environments, nutrition and exercise routines have a greater impact on mental health than had previously been realized. That is why we treat the total person. Our goal isn’t to simply help you overcome the particular mental issue that may have led you to us. It is to help you develop the needed skills and gain the knowledge that will lead you to a mentally and physically healthy life for all of your years.

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